I am self portrait obsessed y'all!!!

I really thought I couldn't love photography any more than I already did...I was wrong! I have seen so many photographers getting into the self portrait game and I wanted to give it a try! I think getting comfy in front of the camera is really important for a photographer bc you need to understand how your client feels. Sometimes clients aren't comfy in front of that lens and that is ok!! You as the photographer can make them feel more at ease when understand how to be in front of the camera yourself! Plus you get to let that creativity flyyyy with self portraits people!

I was super nervous going about doing my first self portrait session. I had some awesome ideas and went on Pinterest for inspo as well! Now I just needed to get the hang of shooting myself! I had my trusty side kick Dakota help me out with positioning and holding of the props until I was ready to go. I first started out just trying different poses, the goal when you're trying to get a good shot is move, move, MOVE!! The more you move around the more you can guarantee you'll get a great shot!

I have also always been someone who is very self conscious of themselves. I was never one of those girls who everyone thought was super pretty. In high school that can really get a girl down, especially when she hasn't really found herself yet. I see all these gorgeous girls who just cant seem to take a bad photo and get so defeated. I thought the same thing was going to happen during my self portrait sessions. I thought I was going to try something new and absolutely hate it bc I wasn't near as pretty as half the girls on my social media feed. WRONG!!! Self portraits make me feel so pretty y'all its unreal. It is like an instant confidence booster for myself too. So while these shots might not impress you, they mean everything to me. I cant wait to share more!!