Meet your photographer!!!


I am Taylor, a 26 year old photographer from Kentucky! I live in a camper full time with my husband and 3 dogs :) I am the oldest sibling of 4 and also adopted! I love traveling and do so quite often! A few of my favorite places I've been are Italy, France, Hawaii, and Colorado. I LOVE getting to explore new places. Growing up in the Midwest I really didn't go to many new places until I was a little older. Now you will always find me planning my next adventure! I love reading, going for a run, and exploring coffee shops! I like to call myself an introverted extrovert lol. I love being by myself and in small groups the most! I have loved photos for as long as I can remember. I would Pinterest photos 24/7 and create Pinterest boards for inspo before I ever picked up a camera. I love getting to be creative :) I also LOVE getting to capture the most amazing memories for so many amazing people.

I started Dixie Ryan in honor of two AMAZING people - I wanted my business to really mean something.

My great grandma Dixie - who funny enough hated the name Dixie so she only went by Marie lol. Little me thought she was the coolest person in the world for having another name she never used hahah. She was my best friends and made my childhood magical. I miss her every single day.

My little sister Ryan - I only knew her for a year before she passed. I wish every day I got to know her. I keep her memory alive every day :) I know we would have been best friends!

I am so honored to be able to represent two people who meant the world to me.