Meet Emily + Simon

Okay okay I know what you are thinking...THIS COUPLE IS GORGEOUS!!! Trust me I know!! Emily and Simon are about as picture perfect as it gets. This shoot may be one of all my all time favorites. You know those sessions that you are just so stinking proud of and you cant stop going back and looking at them?? Yeah that is how I feel about this one. Now lets get into the nitty-gritty of this amazing session!

This session was so special for so many reasons. Two days prior to this session I had upgraded my whole entire camera arsenal. I went from the Sony a6100 with a cheaper 50mm lense, to the Sony a7iii with a Zeiss 55mm lens! Talk about an upgrade!! The power difference in just my lenses alone was crazy. The camera bodies...wowowowowowow!!!! I hadn't really put my new Sony bestie to work yet so I was really excited to see what she could do. (yes my camera is a girl). I was really excited to be able to photograph Emily and Simon bc they seemed like such a sweet and romantic couple. I was right!! They showed up and I couldn't have been happier about simply everything!

The weather was AWFUL. It was one of the first really cold days of the winter. The wind was out for some serious revenge on someone. Emily couldn't even get her hat to stay on at first!! Things were looking grim. I just had no idea how we were going to do a whole shoot in this awful weather! I was way to determined to have an amazing shoot to let the wind defeat me. We had to make it work, and that we did! The wind was against us but the sun was everything and more!! A fall golden hour of my dreams!! We made sure to snap as many pictures as we could in between wing gusts. It wasn't ideal but we were making the best of it! The shoot didn't go as planned but it turned out way better than ever expected :)

When I got home I immediately plugged in my computer to see these pictures. I WAS BLOWN AWAY. My new camera was just even more than I expected. I was in an editing frenzy. I wasn't coming out until I was finished lol. This session is one of my proudest moments so far. This session also produced my all time favorite picture as well!

Emily and Simon were the perfect couple to use my new camera on!! Their love is so sweet and kind. I went to high school with Emily, and then we transitioned into college together as well. It is so nice so be able to keep up with people you've known for awhile! Seeing Emily and Simon so happy and capturing it on camera is what my job is all about! I am so glad I was able to give back some precious moments to them to keep and treasure.