Carson + Michael

I reached out to this sweet couple to do a couples modeling session for me a few weeks ago! Funny story with that was Carson picked a date to do the session and once she checked with her boyfriend Michael he said they were busy that day! A few hours later I got a surprising message from Michael saying they couldn't do the shoot for a few because he was busy planning to propose!!! I patiently waited to see all the precious proposal pics later that week and they did not disappoint!!

We finally had time to squeeze in a shoot and the love radiating off these two was infectious! Carson told Michael they were going to use this session as practice since they had so many events with pictures coming up lol! I don't think they need much practice though bc...WOW!! They both photographed with such ease! I would give them a prompt and they made it their own every time. I love when couples take a small direction and just run with it! The location for this shoot completed Carson and Michael perfectly! It gave a timeless romantic charm with a little modern edge that I think Carson and Michael radiate themselves!

Location to me is a really big part of a session. I think if you put the couple in the wrong location your shoot just isn't going to go well. I love taking the time to get to know my couple and make sure every detail of the shoot embodies their relationship. That means even the posing is something that makes the couple comfortable and able to really show who they are on camera! These are sweet memories that your client pays for so make sure they are tried and true!