Carly + Noah

This session was another one I was dying to do! I had done a previous camping styled shoot but I wanted to add a little bit of spice (as the tiki's-tokers say) to this session. I thought of everyone I knew to be models for this session and Noah and Carly immediately came to mind. I wanted a love that screamed high school sweet hearts that grow up get married, and have that relationship most people only dream about...cue Noah and Carly!! I also was DEAD set on having a truck to include in the session, another reason they fit the bill perfectly!

I get a lot of inspo from instagram and Pinterest as most photographers do. I always strive to take a concept already thought of and twist it to make it my own. I want my work to be identified immediately when you see the style of the photo. As I said previously I had already done a camping styled shoot so I had to dive really deep on how to make this different. I saw this idea where two people were dancing in the rain in headlights during the night. I 10000% wanted to recreate it but put my own spin on it!! I chose to do a truck dancing during the sun set kind of deal and I am so happy I went with it!!

This session was filled with so many small sweet moments. It was a breeze to capture Noah and Carly because they were 100% themselves in front of the camera. Being able to be creative and myself every moment of the day is one of the main reasons I am so passionate about photography. I live to see my ideas come to life. Being able to capture moments of happiness, love, intimacy...that is what Dixie Ryan is all about.