Hot n Spicy!!!

Okay but seriously this session was EVERYTHING!!! I was excited but a little nervous to dabble in boudoir sessions, but I am so glad I did!! There is something soooo powerful about a women coming in and just letting loose from todays pressures of being perfect and put together 24/7. Confidence is sexy!! In todays society I think woman just have/put way too much pressure on themselves. There is a new trend every 5 seconds it seems like. I can't ever keep up these days. In a world where there are so many beautiful faces out there it can be hard to find your confidence. This is why I love photography. You have so much power in a lense. You can make someone feel so beautiful and sexy all while capturing it on a screen.

Kayla is a mom to two beautiful girls. Kayla is a hard worker and provider for her family. She is an amazing mother, friend, fiancé, and family member. She wears so many hats in a day. Getting to see Kayla be the sole center of attention for the day was amazing!! I got to see her feel confident in herself and every picture showed! I think boudoirs have this weird stigma where you have to come, take all your clothes off and show the world what your momma gave you. Which they can be!!!! Boudoirs also can be a session where you are wearing whatever you feel most comfortable in that makes you feel hot!! You can be 100% fully clothed in your favorite outfit. If you feel confident other people will see that. If you want to get fully naked then that is okay too!! It is solely up to you! That is why I think boudoirs need way more hype! Boudoirs are a session where you come in, get some amazing photos taken and feel hot n spicy while you are doing it!

Trying my hand at this type of a session was extremely nerve racking because I knew Kayla was coming in and expecting photos that she could keep and look back on forever! I followed my own advice and was confident in what I was wanting these photos to turn out like and so they turned out just like I wanted them too! Confidence isn't just for your clients! You as the photographer need to have confidence in your skill as well. I think this session taught me way more then I ever thought a session would. It thought me that your client can be feeling vulnerable, nervous, hopeful for great pictures. I as the photographer can feel the same way when trying something new! Letting go and trying nee things, feeling confident in myself..that is what matters! That is what is going to make myself and the clients time together that much better.